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baby_fabulous's Journal

Fabulous Fashionable Babies
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Fabulously dressed babies and kids!
Hi! Welcome to baby_fabulous! This is a community to show off your fabulous baby!

My baby is usually better dressed than I am. I do love finding outfits for her. I'm a SAHM and I don't have tons of cash, so my focus is on creative clothes shopping, DIY, and so on. baby_fabulous is for parents to show off their baby and kids fashions! Post an outfit, tell us about a great find, ask a question - if it's about baby or kids fashions, share it here.

Please note: Baby Fabulous is NOT a sales community. There are plenty of sales communities for babies and kids' stuff. Baby Fabulous is a show it off community! If you are an active member here and would like to post information about sales, feel free to do so, but you better be posting something ELSE here as well, or responding to posts, or otherwise being a member of this community.